How do I work?

All Axa Novi projects are based on creating value and realising sustainable growth. But that doesn't happen automatically. That's why I follow these steps:

1. Scan

I want to really understand your organisation and market. That's why I always start with a thorough analysis of the organisation, its people and resources. This scan is the basis for all subsequent steps. The elements of the scan are:
  • Your organisation: determining the current status, long-term goals and essential success factors.
  • The external world: analysing the market(s), competitive position and customer needs.
  • Collecting employee feedback to identify the true DNA of the operational organisation.
  • Trends: identifying the relevant macro and micro trends for your business.

2. Check

We compare the picture that emerges from the scan with your company's ambitions and goals. We then discuss the opportunities we have identified and the steps required to harness them optimally.

3. Action plan

I present my recommendations based on steps 1 and 2. We then work together to define the goals and areas with the greatest potential for value improvement for your organisation. We develop an action plan containing the steps your organisation will take itself and the steps we will tackle together.

4. Implementation

Are we on the same page? Then we'll get started! Axa Novi stays actively involved during every step of the plan and supports the entire process of implementation and execution.

5. Measurable success

We link every goal to measurable criteria, so we can evaluate the success of the process and present it clearly as a “success measurement”.

6. After care

Axa Novi stays by your side well beyond the finish line. Even after the assignment is complete, I will still be available to handle any questions or concerns. One year after the implementation, I will contact you to discuss how things are going and help you make changes if necessary.

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With more than 20 years of international experience in general management, marketing, sales and business development, I can provide maximum support to other companies in these areas and thereby realise your growth ambitions. 

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