Business strategy

Business strategy gives your company direction. It is the common thread that holds together all aspects of your organisation’s development. It helps your management and employees keep to the chosen course to reach your targets. It also helps you approach the right clients and suppliers. Your business strategy explains what is important and just as crucially: what is not! This focus creates clarity for everyone, both within and beyond the organisation.

It starts with business objectives

An organisation with a clear mission and vision will perform better than organisations that lack these. Your business strategy explains how you want to realise your business objectives, including your mission and vision. This means it’s essential to formulate your mission and vision very clearly. Once you have done this, you can determine your business strategy. This describes how you plan to realise your carefully formulated mission and vision. In practice, this means making choices: you must choose what you want to do, but also what you definitely aren’t going to do! It’s important to know your playing field: who are your competitors, which segments will you target, which regulations are important, what will your pricing policy be and what are the important trends in your market? These are some of the questions to consider when determining your strategy.

Determining your strategy

A fresh pair of eyes from outside can help you look at your company, your markets and your customers from new perspectives. Developing and determining a strategy is a continuous process, and your strategy needs to grow as your organisation grows. When determining your strategic direction, you establish which strategic topics are most important for your organisation. If sustainability is important, it must be one of the cornerstones of your strategy. Internationalisation. is another potentially important topic. During this process, it’s important to consider different perspectives: of your employees, of your customers and of other relevant parties, such as suppliers.   

Implementing your strategy is essential

Axa Novi understands the difficulties and challenges of determining your strategy. That’s why we go beyond simply analysing and defining. In fact, implementing business strategies is what makes Axa Novi unique. It doesn’t end with an incisive analysis: the process is only really successful once we have chosen the right course and made the changes that will make your company successful in the long term. A good strategy implemented today is better than a perfect strategy that is never implemented. We call this Active Strategy. Axa Novi is there for you!

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Business strategy

Business strategy gives direction to your company. A strategy indicates how you want to realise your mission and vision.
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Business development

Business Development is about growth, growth opportunities, and deals with all activities aimed at discovering and realising new business opportunities.
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Internationalisation is a theme that is high on the agenda of many companies. It offers opportunities for growth and, as a Business Development activity, can contribute to positive development.
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Interim professional

Axa Novi is also the right place for interim assignments at board level in the areas of business development, business strategy, marketing and sales.
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