Interim professional

Axa Novi can also help with interim assignments at executive level related to general management, business development, business strategy, strategic marketing and Internationalisation. If you’re looking for no-nonsense, analytical and solution-focused interim support, and someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty: you’ve come to the right place with Axa Novi.

Interim business strategy and business development

My many years of experience mean I can hit the ground running anywhere, from a corporate environment to a medium-sized SME organisation. I am particularly at home in the manufacturing industry and trading companies. I can quickly and easily adapt to new environments and am accustomed to managing (international) teams. I ensure that existing processes continue uninterrupted while maintaining operational effectiveness. However, I can also look at your organisation from a fresh perspective, which means I can identify new possibilities, make the most of opportunities and propose improvements. Achieving sustainable strategic objectives, managing change processes or optimising operational results: these are just a few examples of the added value of Axa Novi as an interim partner!

Looking for an interim click

Hiring an interim manager has several benefits. For example, the outside perspective combined with the flexible nature of the role can often help clients improve their business results. Hiring specific expertise can also help. Alongside knowledge, expertise, decisiveness and social competences, the success of an interim assignment is largely down to the personal click between the interim manager and the organisation. That click is often dependent on the DNA of the organisation and the client’s way of working. I would be happy to meet you to discover if we have that click, and what we can do for one another.

Axa Novi offers 4 services

Business strategy

Business strategy gives direction to your company. A strategy indicates how you want to realise your mission and vision.
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Business development

Business Development is about growth, growth opportunities, and deals with all activities aimed at discovering and realising new business opportunities.
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Internationalisation is a theme that is high on the agenda of many companies. It offers opportunities for growth and, as a Business Development activity, can contribute to positive development.
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Interim professional

Axa Novi is also the right place for interim assignments at board level in the areas of business development, business strategy, marketing and sales.
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With more than 20 years of international experience in general management, marketing, sales and business development, I can provide maximum support to other companies in these areas and thereby realise your growth ambitions. 

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