For many companies, trading internationally is a top priority. It offers opportunities for growth and, as a business development activity, can make a positive contribution to your business development. Internationalisation can also be a cornerstone of your business strategy. The possibilities are literally unlimited.

Doing business internationally

Whether you want to expand from a European country or enter the European market from another part of the world, doing business internationally requires proper preparation. Market structures differ, local legislation plays an important role and cultural differences often lead to extra challenges. Knowledge of the local language is also essential to realise your expansion plans. Axa Novi speaks those languages and has extensive cultural and business experience. In short, Axa Novi can prepare your organisation to conquer new markets and be successful abroad!

International network offers opportunities

Axa Novi is part of an international network of specialists. This allows us to harness various resources. Our business partners are local experts who can look after the interests of your organisation. This network is also always available to help your organisation internationally in the local language, in the right time zone and with detailed knowledge of the local culture. Axa Novi can help you make international trading a sustainable, integral part of your organisation.   

Axa Novi offers 4 services

Business strategy

Business strategy gives direction to your company. A strategy indicates how you want to realise your mission and vision.
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Business development

Business Development is about growth, growth opportunities, and deals with all activities aimed at discovering and realising new business opportunities.
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Internationalisation is a theme that is high on the agenda of many companies. It offers opportunities for growth and, as a Business Development activity, can contribute to positive development.
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Interim professional

Axa Novi is also the right place for interim assignments at board level in the areas of business development, business strategy, marketing and sales.
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With more than 20 years of international experience in general management, marketing, sales and business development, I can provide maximum support to other companies in these areas and thereby realise your growth ambitions. 

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