Why Axa Novi?

Traditional business models are no longer adequate. Trends such as digitalisation, internationalisation and increasing transparency in the value chain are here to stay. The world around us is changing all the time.

Axa Novi helps organisations identify, create and grasp opportunities. I can give you new insights that help you stay successful and competitive in a changing market, without the need to alter your company's DNA. I work pragmatically and decisively and give you useful tools to use in practice (not thick analytical reports).

But how?

Axa Novi starts by carrying out a scan of your company to assess the status of your business goals and other aspects. We then evaluate these against changing market conditions to discover whether each goal is still realistic in the current climate. If it isn't, I'll work with you to identify potential changes and we'll prepare a robust and sustainable plan for future success together.

However, analysing and defining alone are not enough. Implementing the new strategy is the most essential part of the process. Axa Novi implements the agreed strategy in partnership with you. We call this pay-off “Active Strategy”. That's the added value of Axa Novi: I don't just tell you what can be done differently or better, I also help you put it into practice. This is the only way to achieve lasting success and realise your organisation's growth ambitions.

Axa Novi believes in the value of personal attention and the power of partnership, particularly in the areas that are often forgotten due to the day-to-day pressure of running a business. Partnership and joining forces always lead to a better result. That's why I also involve other specialist partners if they can add value for your company.

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With more than 20 years of international experience in general management, marketing, sales and business development, I can provide maximum support to other companies in these areas and thereby realise your growth ambitions. 

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